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New Zealand: Electric cars, bikes and scooters on display in Wellington

A state-of-the-art line-up of electric vehicles – including a 200kmh sports car – bicycles, scooters and motorcycles will be on show as part of Electric Vehicle Day at Te Papa tomorrow (Wednesday 20 June).

Electric Vehicle Day is an initiative of Mayor Celia Wade-Brown and is supported by local electric vehicle businesses and owners.

On display will be the first electric sports car in New Zealand – a Tesla roadster capable of 200kmh – along with Mitsubishi iMiEVs, the Nissan Leaf, an electric motorbike, a number of scooters and bicycles. It is a free public event and there will be an opportunity to test-drive electric-assist bikes.

The event coincides with a workshop on electric vehicles run by the APEC Expert Group on New and Renewable Energy Technologies (EGNRET). The workshop, also at Te Papa on Wednesday, is being organised by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

The APEC workshop will share the results of an APEC funded research project that EECA is leading. The workshop will also consider how to harmonise policy and standards to improve the distribution of EVs across national boundaries. APEC economies and interested parties will be invited to have their say on the research results and outcome of the workshop.

The first all-electric vehicles in New Zealand – Mitsubishi i-MiEV cars – have been running around Wellington streets as part of the two-year electricar trial run by Wellington City Council. Trial participants included the Council, New Zealand Post, The Wellington Company and Meridian Energy. The trial started in September 2010 and now involves eight of the cars.


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