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New electric car charging station under construction on Sawdust

THE WOODLANDS, Texas –– Electric car drivers, get ready for another charging station in the area.

An eVgo charging station is being built on Sawdust Road outside of the H-E-B and is set to open in early July, said David Knox, a spokesperson for the Houston-based eVgo.

The Sawdust location joins two other charging stations in the parking garage at Market Street operated by another company.

eVgo also operates on a subscription basis, Knox said, where users pay $89 a month and can charge at any of the DC volt stations as much as they want and also get a free home charger, which can run for a couple thousand dollars. A Nissan Leaf, for example, can get a 50-mile charge in 15 minutes or less at one of the stations, Knox said.

“People like these kinds of charging stations because if they have some unexpected trips during the day and they need a charge, they can get one,” he said. A Chevy Volt, which is a hybrid, can go 45 miles on an electric charge; a Nissan Leaf can go 80 to 100 miles on a charge, but doesn’t have a gas backup tank.


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