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Motley Fool Suggests Chevy Volt Lease May Be a Bargain

Is a Chevrolet Volt lease through Ally Financial “too affordable” not to pass up?

For certain consumers, this may be the case, and one reason why GM expects to sell 20,000 units this year, offers Motley Fool writer, Chris Baines.

“Despite Fox News’ protests, perhaps the Chevy Volt is not a completely overpriced hunk of metal after all,” says Baines.

How so? By a confluence of factors, including that the $369 with zero-down starting lease price for a $40,000 Volt is only $80 per month more than a zero-down lease for an also-economical $22,095 entry level Toyota Camry.

Minimizing the fact that the Camry is a mid-size car and five-seater, the compact but spacious four-seater Volt is a way cooler ride, costs nearly twice to purchase, but its lease price is not nearly so much more, meaning leasing one is a screaming deal.

Further – goes the napkin sketch approach to personal finance punditry – operating costs for the Volt using only electricity assuming under 40 miles a day could mean total outlay would be cheaper for the Volt compared to a Camry that only runs on gasoline.

Of course consumers will want to take a closer look at their actual considerations, but the realities for this uniquely situated car could mean one theoretically beats the system – or at least one could wind up feeling that way.

One unique factor for the Volt’s lease is that Ally was faced with pinning a residual value on the new technology Volt – which some have reported as too low – but Baines suspects the residual may prove too high – thus it helps reduce the monthly lease payment.


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