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Mexico: Nissan LEAF Sparks Discussion Regarding the Challenges of Implementing Green Technologies

Nissan LEAF Sparks Discussion Regarding the Challenges of Implementing Green Technologies During the B20 Summit in Los Cabos, México

The panel session titled The Challenges of Growing Green, held during the B20 Summit in Los Cabos, México, gathered CEOs and heads of state to discuss critical issues that the private and public sectors should jointly tackle. Members of the Green Task Force formally asked G20 governments to demonstrate strong leadership in key areas, proposed the creation of the Green Growth Action Alliance, and named Mexico´s president, Felipe Calderón, as honorary chairman of the alliance. The panel discussion engaged members of the Green Task Force and business leaders, including Nissan vice-chairman Bill Krueger.

Within this context, Bill Krueger posed the question of how governments could help drive the deployment of green technologies, such as electric vehicles like the Nissan LEAF, by developing consistent policies and standards that accelerate and complement the contributions of private industry. The Nissan LEAF was visible to leaders during the B20 summit as courtesy vehicles among the multiple venues.

President Calderón commented that among the decisions that governments could take to foster demand of electric vehicles are tax incentives, while financing programs could help develop the necessary infrastructure.

Enel CEO, Fulvio Conti, shared with the panel that he is the owner of a Nissan LEAF in Europe and thinks that it is a wonderful car, efficient, quiet and spacious. Engel used the Nissan LEAF and variations in charging plug standards to illustrate the point that governments are not doing enough to support these kinds of technologies.


About B20 Global Business Summit
The B20 business Summit is a formal platform that promotes dialogue among heads of state and captains of industry regarding the most pressing socioeconomic issues in the world. The B20 was first held during the 2010 G20 summit in Toronto, Canada. Since then, it has been held in Seoul, Korea (November 2010) and Cannes, France (November 2011) in conjunction with G20 summit activities. Mexico is the first Latin American country to host the B20 and G20 global summit.

About Nissan Mexicana
Nissan Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. is a subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. founded in 1961 and employs 11,500 employees. It operates at five locations: Mexico City Headquarters, Tech Center in Toluca, manufacturing operations in Aguascalientes and Cuernavaca, as well as a proving ground in Manzanillo. Nissan has led the Mexican automotive market over the last three consecutive years. In 2011, it sold 224,509 vehicles and reached a 24.8% market share, 6 percentage points higher than the previous year. Nissan is also the market leader in terms of vehicle production. In 2011, the company produced 607,000 units, an all-time record for Nissan and for Mexico. Nissan´s environmental agenda, Nissan Green Program, is executed in Mexico via multiple environmental efficiency programs at manufacturing facilities and two zero emission pilot programs with the Nissan LEAF currently being implemented in Mexico City and Aguascalientes.

About the Nissan LEAF
The Nissan LEAF is a 100 percent electric electric vehicle, without an exhaust pipe, and which delivers zero emissions mobility. It has earned multiple accolades including 2011 World Car of the Year. It reaches 145/km in speed and delivers a driving range of approximately 160 kilometers (100 miles). The Nissan LEAF is the top-selling electric vehicle in the world with more than 30,000 Nissan units sold since its launch in 2010. It is currently produced in Oppama, Japan. Production at Nissan´s plant in Smyrna, Tennessee begins in 2012 and in Sutherland, United Kingdom in 2013. For additional information, please visit:



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