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Leaf owner is charged up about going green

Lisa Geason-Bauer opens the cover to the charging area, below the hood of her new Nissan Leaf electric car. Geason-Bauer purchased the vehicle to use for her business, Evolution Marketing, which specializes in green strategies.

Oconomowoc – A small green marketing firm that strives to help other companies promote their sustainable work now has one of the first all-electric cars in the state.

Lisa Geason-Bauer founded Evolution Marketing in 2008 and has been active in a variety of green roles, from running the local winter farmers market to being active on green issues for an Oconomowoc city “lead by example” team. She’s also a board member of the statewide Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council, a network of mostly large companies.

She’s been on the waiting list for a Nissan Leaf for the firm for more than two years because she wanted a car that was as green as her business.

“Of course it’s a great marketing tool, but it’s more than that,” Geason-Bauer said, sitting in a basement office with Energy Star windows, sustainably harvested wooden doors and low-VOC paint. “If having a Nissan Leaf is helping us to have a lesser environmental impact, while still doing our job and making money, why not?”

Tom Eggert, who runs the state sustainable business council, said Evolution’s decision to buy a Leaf and install a home charging station makes the company a pioneer.

“It’s really important to highlight these examples of leadership that in this case Lisa is providing,” he said. “There’s this sort of gradual interest in electric cars that’s starting to grow, and we need some people who are ready, who sight-unseen are ready to take the chance on something like this.”

Geason-Bauer and her employee and husband, Mike, a graphic designer, make no secret that they’re striving to be as green as they can in all that they do. They purchased carbon offsets for all the miles driven in their Chevrolet Malibu since 2008, and buy renewable energy from Oconomowoc Public Utilities to enable them to proclaim that the electricity they’re charging their Leaf with is also green.


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