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Latest Lithium Battery Triples Electric Car Range

Lithium-ion is still taking the lion’s share when talking about battery chemistry and the latest breakthroughs means the technology is not slowing it down.

The future of lithium-ion battery technology has never looked so bright. Breakthroughs happen at a neck break pace while industry experts predict only a few companies will be left in 5 years.

Tin Lithium. Grant Norton and his team at the Washington State University have found that using tin would triple the energy density of a lithium battery. Indeed, using tin for the anode, the energy density could be greatly enhanced. The benefits of using tin would mean faster recharge time as well as a greater life cycle. The best part of it is the technology could be manufactured within a year. What needs to be worked out is that under these circumstances, tin creates what is called “mustaches” creating short circuits. The team feels this can easily be solved, if not kept under control.


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