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How to buy an electric car: A shopper’s guide

I’ve been thinking about upgrading to an electric car for a while now. And in today’s market, there are plenty of models to choose from.
But having a lot of options makes for a complicated decision! Each model of electric car has its own unique mix of efficiency, charging time, and driving range—and since buying a car is a big decision, I want to find the model that makes the most sense for my family. To add to the confusion, there doesn’t seem to be any single, unified source of information on the many electric car options out there.
So, for my own convenience—and hopefully yours—I pulled together a table with basic stats on the major electric and plug-in hybrid cars:

Click on image for a larger version of the guide
What I took away from this research is that there’s no “perfect” choice among the EVs on the market. They’re all far more efficient in electric mode than gas-only models. That means less money spent on fueling your car, and lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions for each mile driven. But whether you’re willing to pay a premium for a longer range, a faster charge, or a higher top speed seems like a personal choice that I can’t help you out with.
But at least you now have the numbers. Happy comparing!


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