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French Commercial EV Maker Keeps It Rolling

Electric Vehicle (EV) battery maker Valence Technology has just announced it has signed an extended supply agreement with the French firm PVI.

PVI, a manufacturer of industrial EVs, updated the supply agreement that was originally begun in 2008.
Since the partnership was formed PVI has manufactured more than 120 electric commercial vehicles, including electric trucks and buses. All of this fleet, on the road in a number of European countries, has been fitted with Valence lithium phosphate battery systems. Valence Technology, based in Austin, Texas, has also provided engineering support to the French automaker. PVI’s electric powertrains are assembled into a number of public transport vehicles used in France. These include two sizes of OREAS minibuses (22 and 42-seaters), municipal refuse trucks and an 3.5-ton EV truck called the LCV, which is marketed by Renault. The OREAS minibuses are in operation throughout France including on the Paris bus network, the RATP. The LCV, meanwhile, is deployed as a beverage delivery truck. Valence Technology is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of long-life EV batteries and its equipment has been used worldwide to power commercial EVs and marine equipment. “PVI’s association with Valence Technology was initiated over four years ago and their advanced battery systems have been invaluable as we introduce all electric vehicles in Europe,” Michel Bouton, CEO of PVI, said in a statement. ”Most importantly, the reliability and safety tests we have conducted on Valence equipped vehicles have complied with all expectations for both PVI and also our customers.


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