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Fisker refused to make Electric cars in United States

United States luxury automaker Fisker yesterday refused to built any electric car in US. The company gave similar statement in the last month also.

When company was asked why they don’t want manufacture their electric cars in US, they told that they are not prepared for this. According to company they need lot of planning and efforts as well to bring electric car for the people of US. They also told that it takes them years to bring this car in the market.

The company was receiving lot of suggestions from their clients to introduce electric car in US car market. Though the company has refused to do so in the last month, but lot of people was expecting that they will change their decision and bring an electric car for the people of US soon.
During last year, it was officially announced by the Fisker that they may introduce an electric car in the present year, but they decide not to go for this plan and officially announced in the first month of this year that they have cancel their plan.

Company is not giving a solid reason that why they don’t have any plan to launch electric cars in US. On the other side, a news channel of US has shown a news telling that, Fisker don’t want to manufacture electric cars because it will surely affect the sales of their own cars that are already there in US car market.


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