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Features of Tesla Motors’ Model S electric car

Electric car maker Tesla Motors will deliver its first Model S sedans to customers on Friday. Here’s a rundown of the car’s features:

RANGE: 160, 230 or 300 miles, depending on battery.

CHARGING: Each car comes with a charger plus adapters for a 110-volt standard household outlet, a 240-volt outlet and a public charging station.

EFFICIENCY: Rated at 89 miles per gallon. That figure is reached by estimating the distance the car can travel on the energy contained in a gallon of gas.

PASSENGERS: Seats five. For $1,500 extra, buyers can bring the capacity to seven with child-sized, rear-facing jump seats for the cargo area.

CARGO SPACE: 66 cubic feet of storage space with the standard rear seats folded flat. 8.1-cubic-foot compartment under the hood.

DASHBOARD: 17-inch touchscreen replaces knobs and dials.

CONNECTIVITY: The vehicle offers wi-fi and two USB ports for plugging in devices.


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