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Europe: Renault backs electric cars with free chargers

PARIS (Reuters) – Automaker Renault, frustrated by the speed at which electric car chargers are being installed across France, is to fund some of the missing infrastructure itself.

A century after French tiremaker Michelin issued road signs to help early motorists find their way, Renault and Japanese affiliate Nissan are preparing to hand out charging stations for installation in public spaces.

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“It is not our job to install chargers, but somebody has to kickstart the market,” Thierry Koskas, head of Renault’s electric vehicle program, told Reuters. “This cannot be a long-term policy.”

The allied carmakers, both headed by chief executive Carlos Ghosn, will give away close to 1,000 fast chargers costing around 5,000 euros ($6,300) each, mostly in France.

The freebies will go to car parks, supermarkets and other high-visibility public spaces under private ownership.

Among major European countries, the infrastructure delays are worst in Renault’s domestic market – France has spent only 5 percent of a 50 million euro fund earmarked for public charging networks, the company recently disclosed.

“France is not really on track to meet the objectives,” Renault product planning chief Philippe Klein said. “So obviously it is up to us to stimulate the rollout.”

Among major auto companies and groupings, Renault-Nissan has staked the most on electric cars, investing 4 billion euros in their development and production.

France, a vocal supporter of the technology and Renault’s biggest shareholder with a 15 percent stake, aims to build 75,000 charging spots by 2015. Yet many of Europe’s 15,000 public chargers are concentrated in Germany and the Netherlands, with fewer than 2,000 installed in France.

Concerns are mounting over the country’s readiness for the launch of flagship Renault Zoe launch later this year, a key test of Ghosn’s belief that electric car sales will rise steadily to claim 10 percent of the global auto market by 2020.

Unlike Renault’s existing Fluence and Kangoo battery cars, adapted from conventional models with government and company fleets in mind, the new subcompact is designed from scratch as an electric car and pitched squarely at individual consumers.

“Initial uptake of electric cars has been slow,” said Tim Urquhart, a London-based IHS Automotive analyst who believes their shaky debut partly reflects the limited choice available.


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