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Europe: Citroen C-Zero

The Citroen C-Zero is an electric car for early adopters, but there’s definitely a price to pay for zero emissions driving

For : Silent city running, decent space, low running costs
Against : Expensive to buy, limited range, dull handling
The Citroen C-Zero is the result of a joint venture with Mitsubishi and it’s easy to see that the C-Zero is related to the i-MiEV. It’s essentially the same car with Citroen badges, and the 66bhp electric powertrain remains the same too, which means 0-62mph will take around 15 seconds, but accleration from 0-30mph is surprisingly quick. The oddly shaped car boasts a spacious cabin with room enough for four adults, but drivers will have to think long and hard about whether an electric car is for them. The range of 93 miles quickly falls to something nearer to 60 miles in everyday driving, and there are still very few places to charge the C-Zero. Even when one is found it takes as much as seven hours to fully recharge the batteries.



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