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Europe: BMW i Born Electric Tour with i3 and i8 arrives in Rome (Photos)

BMW i Born Electric Tour has started from Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome on 21 June 2012. Through this tour, potential customers and auto enthusiasts will witness the BMW i3 Concept and BMW i8 Concept cars, as the tour traverses through six major cities across the globe in the coming 1 year.
Among the cities that this BMW tour will visit will be Dusseldorf, Tokyo, New York, London, Paris and Shanghai. These two prototypes are being presented for city use in the future as they also offer BMW’s dynamic driving experience. Through the projection of BMW i, the company is ensuring its position in the changing world of automobiles where greater emphasis will be paid to electric vehicles in the future.
BMW i is a sub brand of BMW which has been initiated to develop special low emission vehicles for the emission conscious market. The project came into being in February 2011. The first two production models will be BMWi3 which will have a range of 150 km and the Plug in hybrid i8 which is a version of BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. This i8 Concept earlier seen at 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show has an all electric range of 35 kms and the company has confirmed that both these cars will go into production by 2013 at their plant in Leipzig


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