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Energy Storage is Key to Reducing the Cost of Fast Charging

“Fast” DC electric vehicle chargers that can charge up to 80% of a battery electric vehicle (BEV) in under 20 minutes are starting to sprout up in the U.S. Consumers are expected to be willing to pay up to the price of a movie ticket to wait minutes instead of hours to charge a vehicle.

While the convenience is nice for BEV drivers, fast charging has the potential to strain the grid or incur high “demand charges” for pulling power off the grid at peak times. If vehicle charging puts a business into the demand charge penalty zone during a peak time, the cost could be hundreds to thousands of dollars in a single day. Demand charge avoidance is necessary for operating DC fast charging stations, which can draw more than 50 kilowatts of power from the grid, or between 7 to 15 times as much power as “slow charging” a vehicle.


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