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David Karpman on greeting fellow EV Drivers

When riding motorcycles, I always enjoyed being part of that community. We shared a “brotherhood”, exemplified by hand signals when we passed each other on the road (overtaking or oncoming). Most of us used an inverted “peace” sign, signifying “keep two wheels down”.

I feel the same brotherhood with fellow Leaf owners. We all share something unique and special, made even more so by the trail-burning aspect of adopting EV’s so early in their evolution. I’m proud to call each and every one of you “brother” or “sister”.

But what about a special hand signal? Yesterday I followed a blue Leaf up 101 in the commute lane in Marin. As I passed him to get to my exit, all I could do is a basic wave. Don’t we deserve something unique, something signifying our special mode of transportation?

Is there one already? If not, let’s make one! Open for suggestions.
Source SF BayLeafs


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