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Canada: Downtown quick charger helps quench thirst for e-car juice

Electricity has changed my life.

Specifically, 240 volts of power available most every day in the parking garage of The Vancouver Sun building on the downtown waterfront. That’s the power output available at the electric vehicle charging station that I’ve been plugging the Nissan Leaf into these past couple of weeks.

In just a couple of hours, the quick charge system tops up the Leaf’s range, something that takes more than a dozen hours using the 120-volt trickle charge at my house.

And as that old saying goes, necessity proved the mother of invention for this station.

“One of our tenants was contemplating driving an electric vehicle and mentioned the challenges with finding a charging station,” says Cadillac Fairview general manager of waterfront properties Lesley Heieis. “We realized that no office buildings in Vancouver had installed charging stations and decided we should be the first.”

Under the auspices of its Green At Work program, Cadillac Fairview installed one charger and allocated two stalls for electric vehicles, with a request to those charging their cars to limit the charger usage to a maximum of four hours.

In addition to my Nissan Leaf, I’ve seen two other electric vehicles using the charger on a semi-consistent basis – a Fisker Karma and a Mitsubishi i-Miev.

“”Our parking manager, Impark, has had several inquiries so we expect the number of electric vehicles using the charger to increase,” Heieis notes.


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