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Brine: Key To Cheaper, Longer-Lasting Electric Car Batteries?

There may not be a magic bullet for battery technology, but improvements can come from the most unlikely places. One of those is the San Andreas fault in California, where one of battery tech’s futures is bubbling out of the ground.

As a tectonic fault line, the area is a great source of geothermal energy, where hot brine bubbling out of the ground is used to drive turbines, generating electricity.

The brine has another use, however. As it bubbles through the earth’s crust, it collects minerals.

One of these, the BBC reports, is lithium–a key component in modern electric car batteries, and many other electrical devices.

Simbol Materials is extracting this lithium from the brine, not only accessing large reserves of this important metal, but doing away with the need to dig large, ecologically-dubious mines to extract the ore.


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