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Automakers aim to set global standard for electric-car charging

TOKYO — Major automakers are expected to cooperate to establish a global standard for a fast-charging system for electric vehicles, apparently with an eye on China’s electric-vehicle market.

Japan is promoting the CHAdeMo battery-charging system for its electric vehicles, or EVs, while Europe and the United States favor the “Combo” fast-charging system.

But the two sides have recently been making moves to standardize the two systems.

“There’s really no conflict between the CHAdeMo and Combo systems. We just have to work together to standardize the charging systems,” Hideaki Watanabe, corporate vice president of Nissan Motor Co., said last week. Nissan is a main promoter of the CHAdeMo system.

Rudolf Krebs, Volkswagen AG’s group chief officer for electric traction, said last week that the two sides need to make concessions.

Krebs said it would be ideal if the two charging methods were made compatible in the next few years so they could be merged into a global standard in the next five years.

Volkswagen, a major promoter of the Combo system, plans to put EVs on the market around the world from 2013 by converting some of its Golf and other popular models.


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