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Australia: COMCAR plugs into electric vehicles

COMCAR has become the first Australian vehicle fleet to welcome and trial an Australian-made fully-electric car.
Developed by the Melbourne-based consortium EV Engineering, the electric Holden Commodore has been designed with the capability to switch its depleted battery for a fully-charged one, which will eliminate long charging times when battery switch infrastructure is available in Australia.
The trial of the zero emissions vehicle will enable COMCAR to consider the viability of introducing electric vehicles into its fleet as older vehicles are decommissioned.
First trial of Aussie car Special Minister of State, Gary Gray said he was committed to environmental sustainability initiatives and fully supported the trial.
“A two-week trial around the clock will help COMCAR determine the suitability of electric cars for its 146-car fleet and how these vehicles meet government environmental objectives,” Mr Gray said.
“EV Engineering is building seven proof-of-concept electric Holden Commodores with the assistance of a $3.5 million grant from the Australian Government’s New Car Plan for Greener Future.
“We’re delighted to be part of this project and to have the chance to trial one of these innovative cars.”


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