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2012 Chevrolet Volt user reviews

on June 15, 2012 by DallasCar
Smooth, quiet all electric drive train. Instant torque and acceleration. No range anxiety with the gas generator. Great features and usability. Quoted electric range is easily beaten in real life. I average 40-45 miles per charge.

Materials in the interior could be a little better, particularly in the back seat. It would be nice if GM made software upgrades available to existing models.

I’ve owned mine for over two months and still have 4.5 gallons of the dealer’s gas in the tank. Anyone who compares it to a Cruze or other econo car has clearly never driven one. This is to a Cruze as a Volvo S40 is to a Ford Focus or a Lexus EX is to a Camry. I’ve never enjoyed driving a car this much and there is nothing like going two months and counting without visiting a gas station.



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