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XOF1 Pull For the Environment

Pull for the Environment
What is your 28 day challenge?

We are pulling the world record breaking Xof1 Solar Car on a 475km (295miles) journey, zigzagging across communities between Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. To inspired and challenge people to change something, anything, in their lives, for 28 days, to help the environment.

People around the world will challenge themselves to find fun and creative ways to change daily habits to reduce their impact on the environment.

What are you going to do for 28 days to help the environment?

Commit to changing something in your life to help the environment. The Pull For The Environment is an inspirational walk to motivate and challenge individuals to change daily habits to help reduce our environmental impact and live a healthier life style.

We are pulling the Xof1 solar car 475km (295 miles) by hand from Toronto to Ottawa for 28 days, to raise awareness for the 28 day challenge.

Why 28 days?
If you can break a cycle for 28 days with a new positive habit, chances are higher the new habit will became a life long change.

Challenge yourself.
Start a new positive habit today! For example, use less water; disconnect appliances when not in use. This will save you money and at the same time help the environment. Everyone wins!

The cumulative effects of our daily actions like the consumption of natural resources; energy, food and water, have lasting consequences on the environment. Developing a sustainable and balanced co-existence with nature is like buying insurance for the future.

Begin today! “What are you going to do for 28 days to help the environment?”

Get excited, enthusiasm is contagious!


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