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World EV Cities and Ecosystems Conference Launched


EV Ecosystems is a global task force (Task 18) launched by the International Energy Agency’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Implementing Agreement (IA-HEV).

The aim of the project is to advance international policy and the design of EV ecosystems for smart cities. A global community of experts from 17 countries is engaging in workshops to establish future priorities for EV programmes and explore specific areas of opportunity.

Electric Vehicle Ecosystems

Mass adoption of EVs requires the creation of complex ecosystems of technologies and services. This includes ‘hard infrastructure’ such as recharging technologies, smart grids, buildings and transport systems. It also requires ‘soft infrastructure’ such as regulation, business models, skills and community engagement. This project asks what infrastructure is required and how can it make cities smarter?

Electric Vehicle Cities of the Future

The project is working to shape a global vision on the technologies, policies, markets and business models that will create EV cities of the future. An international community of experts from industry, governments and research is engaging in the following process:

Foresight workshops are assembling experts from municipalities, regional authorities, governments and industry to establish future priorities for EV programmes and specific areas of opportunity including business models, social change and smart grids.
An International Roadmap will be published in 2012 and identify ‘100 big ideas’ from around the world, showcasing pioneering projects and establishing an expert view of the emerging challenges and opportunities in EV markets, technologies and services.
A global EV cities web portal developed at University of California Davis will connect international experts to facilitate policy exchange and problem solving.


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