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Volunteering at Hybrids to Hot Rods Show on May 12 in San Jose & Las

If you have already registered to bring your EV to this show, thank you very much.
You should have also received a confirmation email (with a number) from Hot San Jose Nights, the event promoter.

If you have not registered yet and have an EV that you can display, please register at the H2H website and also sign up on our separate tracking website so we know how many EVs are coming. (The organizers of the show keep their own list that they do not share with us).
If you have already registered and received a confirmation email but did not sign up on the EAA tracking form, please do so by clicking on the second link below and filling out the quick and easy online form.

The Hybrids to Hotrods Show is coming to San Jose on May 12th. As EV owners, we’re planning to make an impressive show there, displaying our vehicles and having a vendor showcase. We invite you to participate with us as we attempt to assemble the largest collection of EV’s ever in North America (outside of ports of entry). Ideally, we’ll get 200+ (the current record is 176).
Join us in making this a record setting event (and get a free lunch to boot).
To register, follow these 2 steps:

1. Fill out the PDF form and submit per its instructions. The form can be found here:

2. Go to the link to our separate EAA on-line tracking form and provide your name and email/phone minimum. The link is here:

We are less than one week away from the show. Now comes the time to do the heavy lifting, i.e., supporting the activities around it. We are looking for people willing to work in the EAA display booth, etc. If you are interested in volunteering, please feel free to fill in your name around the specific duty and time in the spreadsheet here:

There’s no special training needed if you want to work in the booth–just be sure to share your ownership experiences candidly and familiarize yourself with the literature/handouts that will be there. Remember, there is plenty of room for all makes/models of EV’s and each has its virtues. We’re not there to promote one brand over another (or conversion). The goal is to get people thinking about EV’s and plug-ins.

Here are a few bits of information that you may need to help prepare you for the show:
1. Be sure to print out and bring your confirmation email from Hot San Jose Nights. You will not be admitted to the display area without same. Printout also entitles you to free lunch, provided by the promoters.
2. Please arrive before 7:50 AM so you can park in the designated area (determined on Friday the 11th). Note, you will not be able to move your car during show hours, 8AM-3PM, so please make alternate arrangements if you want to leave the site during the day. There will be entertainment and go-karts.
2. Per Mike Thompson’s email , there will be no charging on site. Please contact Howard Clearfield for suggestions on charging locations and potential “charging parties” to take place after the event.
3. Food/Beverage: We suggest bringing water and snacks. It could get hot and dry. Food vendors will be on site
4. Please remove all valuables from your car. If you are going to be away from your vehicle, we suggest locking it. Feel free to provide as much access as you like while attending your vehicle.
5. We recommend that you bring sun screen. Although there will be multiple canopies there, there may be more people than canopies. There are shade trees on the grounds of the Mercury News as well. There’s a home improvement store adjacent to the grounds if you want to get inside a climate controlled area.
6. There will be rest rooms on site
7. We suggest bringing 1-2 chairs if you want to be guaranteed to have someplace to sit (aside from in your car).
8. Bring your gift of gab–we hope for a big turnout and lots of interest in EV’s
9. Admission to the show and parking are free, so if your family wants to see you in action, they need only drive to the site.

Please feel free to send private reply with any questions you might have to Howard Clearfield at the following email address:


Jerry Pohorsky
Source EAASV


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