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Utility plans for future fuel shift

Larry Reisigl, center, manager for National Grid’s fleet services, explains to students from the Capital Region BOCES Career & Technical School about compressed natural gas as he fills a National Grid vehicle with compressed natural gas Thursday, May 10, 2012 in Albany, N.Y. The students from left are Derek Handy, Heather Pickett, Michael Wilson, Josh Hoerz and Damien Loucks. (Lori Van Buren / Times Union)

ALBANY — If the United States ever weans itself off foreign oil, it could have utilities like National Grid to thank.
That may not seem logical considering that National Grid delivers natural gas and electricity to homes and businesses, while it is gasoline-powered cars and trucks that drive much of the demand for oil.
But National Grid believes that for many economic and environmental reasons, natural gas and electric vehicles could be the future in this country.
And that’s why it has set out to ensure that the infrastructure for refueling those vehicles is in place when the market demand arrives.
National Grid has used compressed natural gas vehicles in its own fleet for decades, and it has built 15 natural gas fueling stations across its service territory, including one in Albany and one in Syracuse that are open to the public


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