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USA: VIDEO: Introducing the ‘City’ Electric Car by Think

Watch me test drive the car that is currently on display at the Maryland Solar and Wind Expo.

It looks like a Mini Cooper, drives like a peppy Toyota Corolla and sips gasoline like… well, actually, it doesn’t.

Of course I’m talking about the City by Think—one of the few 100 percent electric cars available to consumers. And it’s on display through the weekend at the Maryland State Fairgrounds at the Solar and Wind Expo.

The City is currently the most affordable all-electric car on the market, tagged at $22,500. However, dealers are touting a Federal income tax credit that knocks the price down to a mere $15,000. The City’s closest competitor is the recently released Nissan Leaf, which starts at $27,700 before the applicable income tax credit.

I spoke with representatives from the Randallstown-based Eurostar Automative Group who went into the nitty-gritty about the zippy two-seater.

They were even kind enough to let me test drive it around the fairgrounds parking lot. (See video)

I don’t have much of a pedigree in reviewing cars to be the final say in purchasing one of these bad boys, but I do know this—it’s a fun drive.


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