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USA: San Francisco Chevy Volt Owner Denied Recharging Privileges By Landlord

Trinity Management Services, reportedly one of San Francisco’s largest landlords, has put the kabash on one of its tenant’s intentions to recharge his Chevy Volt on premises.

According to a newscast by a Bay Area ABC affiliate which focuses on such perceived inequities, tenant Richard Wiesner got himself the new plug-in car which can be recharged in eight hours on regular 120-volt current, but was firmly denied permission.

The video lays out the case, but the short story is this could represent a rude logjam in the stream of progress toward green cars at an epicenter of green car adoption.

For its part, the landlord reportedly said only that it would deny any plug-in vehicles from recharging, but refused to comment further.

An attorney interviewed by the TV news team verified the landlord’s stance that the letter of the law says it is not contractually obliged to allow discretionary access to the plug.

That said, the plug is proximal to the indoor parking spot the tenant would use, and before it became an issue, it was presumably there for other benign purposes – such as as perhaps for a shop vac – although that is only implied, not entirely clear. Further, Wiesner offered to pay for the few extra kilowatts, but that was a no-go as well.


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