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USA: PolyPlus Battery Company Wins Award for Battery Advances

PolyPlus Battery Company has won the Gold Edison Award in Energy and Sustainability for its Lithium-Air and Lithium-Water batteries. PolyPlus chief executive officer and cofounder, Dr. Steve Visco, accepted the award at the 25th annual Edison Awards Gala in New York City. “It’s a tremendous honor to be recognized for our pioneering work in lithium-air and lithium-water batteries. PolyPlus has developed 8 Ah [amp-hour capacity] primary lithium-air cells that deliver more than 600 Wh/kg, and is making excellent progress with its rechargeable lithium-air batteries.”

At the heart of PolyPlus’ batteries is the Protected Lithium Electrode (PLE), the first water- and air-stable lithium electrode, which has enabled the development of new classes of extremely high energy density lithium-air, lithium-water, and lithium-sulfur batteries. Also in development are rechargeable and primary Li-Air batteries.

The company has purchased a pilot production line that will be installed in Berkeley in approximately 12 months, and expects to start commercial sales in 24 months.


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