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USA: New-Generation Electric-Car Batteries Will Take 10 Years, DoE Lab Says

There’s kind of a running joke within the electric car world that the next generation of batteries is just a decade away. And the next time you ask, it’s still a decade away. Even a decade later.

Well, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, the next generation of usable battery technology is–wait for it–around ten years away.

The reality behind the long-running joke is that we’re now actually using some of that technology developed a decade ago in our modern electric cars, and while the battery world has its fair share of vaporware, the most promising technologies in development today really could be the ones we’re using ten years down the line.

The other reality, according to Tony Hancock from the DoE’s Kentucky-Argonne Battery Mfg. Research and Development Center, is that current lithium-ion chemistry still has room for improvement, and as much effort is being put into improving what we have as there is developing all-new technology.

Speaking with Wards Auto, Hancock says that even if a battery breakthrough happened today, we’d still not see the technology for several years–giving companies time to thoroughly test it.


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