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USA: NA ChargePoint(R) Network scheduled maintenance Saturday June 2 0600 UTC (Friday June 1 11:00pm PDT)

The North American ChargePoint® Network will be under maintenance beginning Saturday June 2 0600 UTC (Friday June 1 11:00pm PDT) and lasting around two hours.

During this maintenance period, various network services will be affected in various ways:
• Drivers will always be able to use their ChargePoint Card to charge their cars. Ongoing charging sessions will not be interrupted. New sessions will be permitted.
• Session status information – e.g. SMS notifications and driver portal updates – will be delayed on some stations until the end of our maintenance period.
• Drivers without ChargePoint Cards will be unable to use contactless credit cards from any station, for the duration of our maintenance period.
• The web portal, embedded maps, API, and mobile apps will be briefly unailable two or three times. Each period of unavailability will last a few minutes.
• Station availability data (on the web portal and mobile apps) will be stale on some stations. The stations will not disappear from the map, but their port availability information will not be updated during our maintenance period.
• Station reservations will be enforced if the reservation was placed before the start of our maintenance period.
• Customer support capabilities will be limited on some stations. If the station’s availability data is stale, our Customer Support Representatives will also be unable to initiate sessions on those stations on behalf of drivers.

Here’s a tip: To see the freshness of a station’s availability data, see the “Status as of:” line in the data box on its map pin.

This is a minor maintenance activity. No new features are planned.

Please contact with any questions concerning this work.

Bob Sutterfield
Director, Network Operations
Coulomb Technologies Inc
1692 Dell Ave
Campbell CA 95008-6901
+1 408 841 4575
+1 408 370 3847 FAX
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