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USA: Maker Faire 2012: Amazing Electric Cars

There were loads of amazing vehicles in the electric cars booths at Maker Faire Bay Area this year. Not the least interesting of which is the Stanford SolarCar Project shown above. This particular vehicle is the Xenith, one of several models made by the team.

According to the site, “The solar panel array that the team developed [for the Xenith] was the first known glass encapsulate array for a solar car. The team worked with Corning to source a special production of ultra-thin, ultra-strong glass… In the end, Xenith brought multiple breakthroughs to solar car racing, but the team did not have enough time to refine the car before the race. During the 2012-13 cycle, the Stanford Solar Car Project plans to focus on perfecting the new technologies in Xenith while refining those principles and applying them to a new car.”

Incredibly impressive. But so too are the many other cars shown off at the show. Here are a few more:


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