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USA: Los Angeles, Now the ELECTRIC Car Capital of America | EVS26

The Electric Vehicle Symposium, EVS26, is a conference where electric vehicle makers can meet and exchange knowledge. There are four days of presentations from a variety of panels of experts. Engineers present their latest research and results of current projects, which is fascinating for those of us interested in finding out the very latest news in electric vehicles. The expo floor is primarily filled with EV suppliers. Electric motors, batteries, wireless charging, controllers, battery management systems, and everything you need to build an EV or a conversion is represented here. Qualcomm used this Formula E racecar to show off their wireless charging system. Siemens, the event sponsor, had the largest booth as they’re now in the business of making motors for passenger vehicles. In this video, I interview their Electric Car marketing chief Michael Siebert.

Mayor Villaraigosa was at Monday’s opening Plenary to accept an award from the EDTA on behalf of the city, as the American city to have done the most to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles. What’s interesting is that while all the major automakers (and motorcycle makers) have R&D facilities in Southern California, most startup electric automakers are based elsewhere. I wonder if moving here would help them attract more experienced engineers and designers.


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