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USA: Joliet auto group opens charging station

Americans who find themselves hesitant to purchase an electric vehicle because of the lack of charging stations in the country could change their tune following one of the latest solar charging stations being unveiled in Joliet, Illinois.

Bill Jacobs Auto Group recently completed the solar installation project on a solar charging station for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles at the company’s Joliet Chevrolet and Cadillac dealership. The solar charging station is only one of two in the entire state, which will give customers the convenience of charging their vehicles in order to continue their drive.

According to The New York Times, electric vehicle owners are facing challenges finding charging stations or designated parking for hybrid or electric vehicles in their cities. A lack of uniformity among the signs throughout the country has limited the usability of public charging networks, as it makes it difficult for drivers to locate a station. But progress is being made. Ecotality, an electric vehicle installation company, has installed about 8,000 public and private charging stations since 2010 and is planning to open more.


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