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USA: Gov. Gregoire’s statement on opening of electric-vehicle charging stations along I-5, US 2

OLYMPIA – Gov. Chris Gregoire today issued the following statement on the opening of electric-vehicle charging stations along I-5 and US 2 – a significant step in creating a West Coast Electric Highway between the Mexican and Canadian borders:

“Today moves us a giant step closer to the day when we can drive our electric cars from Bellingham, Washington to San Diego, California along Interstate 5, secure in the knowledge we can quickly recharge our vehicles along the way. And today’s opening of electric vehicle charging stations is the first step toward developing a long-term solution to volatile gas prices. I believe the day is coming when we will all consider driving an electric car because gasoline will be prohibitively expensive.

“Washington has been a consistent leader in creating clean transportation. We have already required the use of biofuels and have invested in biodiesel refining. We have adopted clean car standards and require electric vehicle charging stations in public buildings. We recognize that electric cars are our future. In fact, our Department of Ecology estimates that 300,000 of them will be on our roads by later this decade.

“I thank our federal partners for recognizing the value of investing in our future, and supporting the West Coast Electric Highway. Together with our private partners, Washington continues to lead the way toward a clean energy economy.”

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