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USA; Goe3 Partners with Cave Creek Entertainment for Production of “Building the Electric Highway”
PRLog (Press Release) – May 04, 2012 –
Mesa, AZ – [May 4, 2012] – GOe3, a new company that is spearheading a national campaign promoting electric vehicles and energy independence has recently teamed up with Cave Creek Entertainment (CCE) for the filming and production of a first-of-its-kind documentary, “Building the Electric Highway.” The film will show GOe3 Founder Bruce Brimacombe’s mission of linking New York City and Los Angeles for drivers of electric vehicles, by creating a network of electric car charging stations that spans across the entire United States.

This past month, on Earth Day, GOe3 unveiled plans for the first 50 of a total 500 charging stations, making for a landmark event in the long-range electric car market. These fully-functional Level 2 and Level 3, 70 Amp or higher stations, to be systematically placed along all major interstate highways will turn the dream of cross-country electric vehicle travel into reality.

In hopes of gathering recognition and support of the electric highway building endeavors, GOe3 has joined forces with local filmmaker Gary Purviance of Cave Creek Entertainment (CCE). Purviance submitted a preview and description of the project on the world’s largest funding platform, KickStarter, last week on April 27.

The “Building the Electric Highway” project, with an ultimate goal of $100,000, is now open to the community for viewing, sharing and endorsements both big and small. GOe3 and Purviance have less than one month to hit the six-figure target, with a final funding deadline of Sunday, May 27th.

Donations from backers will be held but not processed until the grand total hits $100,000. Should the goal be reached, KickStarter will fully fund the Mesa-based company’s project. Benefits received for becoming a backer range from the name of the donor listed on’s Supporters page for $1, to a DVD, poster, t-shirt, credit as a film Associate Producer and more for $1,000.

To view the “Building the Electric Highway” project page on KickStarter and/or become a backer, please visit:….

Company Information:
Jezlin Media, LLC ( is an economic change engine that endeavors to change popular perceptions about renewable energy through actions that lead to a sustainable future. The core objective of Jezlin Media, LLC is to launch GOe3: Campaign for Energy Independence, which will serve as a conduit to achieve its mission. This will be by way of a unique business concept that combines multi-media targeting B to B, B to C, and C to C audiences and the installation of the country’s first coast-to-coast Electric Vehicle charging network. This awareness objective will be kicked off with a National EV Road Rally, which will be filmed and made ready for a new reality TV show. For more information visit


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