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USA: EV Conversions for Personal Use

This is a 3-day training designed for the non-professional mechanic interested in converting a vehicle to electric power for personal use. The lecture material is presented in three modules. In general outline, this program covers the some of the same topics as the Doing EV Conversions Commercially and EV Conversion as Auto Shop Curriculum programs, but at a level appropriate for the amateur home mechanic. Handout materials include a copy of the book Convert It.
Class is limited to 12 students. Advance registration is required, and it is recommended to register as early as possible to guarantee a spot in the class. For class schedule & registration info, see the Calendar

Module #1: Owning & Using an EV. This is introductory information about EVs in general and what to expect in owning & using one on a daily basis. Topics include:
Types of EVs – chassis types, BEVs, NEVs, HEVs, PHEVs, etc.
Benefits – environmental, efficiency, reduced costs & maintenance, etc.
Performance – speed, range, charging time, driving conditions, longevity
Costs – conversion, energy, maintenance, battery replacement, incentives
Suitable Chassis for Conversion – size, age, make, features
AC vs. DC Drive Systems
Registration & Insurance
Safety – electrical, batteries, collision
Driving & Charging – recommended techniques

Module #2: EV Components. This unit covers all of the components in a conversion, their purpose, brands available, and important features to aid in choosing the correct components to purchase. Topics include:
Basic EV Function – Overview
Charger & Battery Management System
Contactors & Relays
Speed & Throttle Controls
Transmissions & Adaptors
DC/DC Converters
Emergency Disconnects
Power Accessories
Climate Control

Module #3: Conversion Process & Troubleshooting. This unit covers all of the components in terms of placement & mounting considerations, as well as tips, tricks, and techniques to make the conversion process easier and safer. It also covers troubleshooting techniques and discussion of most likely problems encountered in EVs. Topics include:
Philosphy of EV Conversions
Shop Safety – Special considerations
Special Tools & Books
Stripping a Chassis for Conversion
Body Modifications & Suspension
Battery & Component Layout in the Vehicle
Motor & Adaptor Installation
Motor Mount Installation
Battery Boxes/Racks Installation
Throttle & Speed Controls Installation
Emergency Disconnect Installation
Instrumentation Installation
Charger Installation
High Current Cabling
Low Current Wiring
Final Hookup & Testing


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