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USA: EV Charging Pros Goes Live — Start Up to Advise Corporations and Commercial Property Owners/Managers on Getting Ready for the Coming Electric Vehicle Revolution

NOVATO, Calif., May 9, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) — California business executive and entrepreneur John Kalb announced today that he has started EV Charging Pros, a business consulting services company that advises corporations, commercial property owners and managers on how to select and implement the most appropriate Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) system for their respective commercial and community properties.

Understanding and deploying electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for cars is being driven by consumer demand for workplace charging stations and public charging stations in combination with the complexities associated with determining how to charge electric cars at business venues once electric car owners leave their home garages.

Plug-in vehicle counts are expected to grow to 2.9 million cars worldwide by 2017, according to Honda Motor Company. EVs and Hybrids as a category are beginning to hit the sales radar. Sales of EVs and hybrids grew to over 3.3% of all cars in the first quarter this year. Sales of the Nissan Leaf electric car nearly quadrupled from the first quarter 2011, to 1,733 units.

“Over the last 18 months it has become evident that we are on the verge of electrification of the auto industry, that the issues of energy security, carbon reduction and lowering our dependence on oil will drive this transition. As a market pioneer I’ve noticed a real need for independent information in corporations about the realities of deploying Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) – what is commonly referred to as ‘Charging Equipment.’ It’s a lot more than just hooking up a device and walking away,” said Kalb.

The installation of electric vehicle charging stations in office business parks, retail shopping centers, corporate campuses, apartment communities and condominium communities requires strategic, financial, facilities and operational considerations. Technical factors to think through include which business model works best, what are the local zoning requirements, which equipment manufacturer to buy hardware from and a host of other issues.

EV Charging Pros addresses these issues by advising senior level executives on the strategic and business objectives of deploying car charging systems and concurrently works with facilities managers to create cost-effective EV deployment plans. Additional services include coordination with sustainability and communications managers within each organization to maximize the benefits of EV charging systems in commercial parking lots and in the garages of multifamily communities.

“We see the deployment and installation of EV charging systems in the workplace, shopping centers and in multifamily communities as a significant property differentiator that will appeal to the employees of commercial tenants, to shoppers and people buying condos or selecting an apartment home,” said Kalb.

EV Charging Pros provides customized guidance and objective advice to its clients independently of EV charging hardware vendors and commercial electrical contractors. For more visit or call 415.209.6585.

The EV Charging Pros logo is available at

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SOURCE: EV Charging Pros

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