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USA: Electric Vehicle Program Paving Way to a Greener Community

A “greener” Indiana is on its way, with NIPSCO making great strides in the electric vehicle industry. Working with 350Green, a company who specializes in site selection, engineering, construction, and marketing for Plug-in Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure, NIPSCO is rolling out initiatives to making charging stations widely available, increasing the appeal of electric vehicles and ultimately impacting the environment in a positive manner. “We’re still in the early stages,” shared NIPSCO’s Director of Regulatory Strategic Analysis Kevin Kirkham, as he presented the steps that company has taken and hopes to take at a public forum held in conjunction with Ivy Tech and South Shore Clean Cities, Inc. on May 22, 2012.

“NIPSCO’s goal is to increase awareness and education regarding electric vehicles,” Kirkham went on to say, sharing how the company is working with partners to host forums in order to get the public involved, sharing their input for the program. “NIPSCO’s approach is to share the information that’s out there and let the public decide.”


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