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USA: Electric Car Insurance, The Hidden Story

It’s true, we are guilty as charged of only talking about the benefits of electric cars, EV in terms of performance and that “green” feeling. But who talks of EV car insurance?

Have you ever wondered why insurance companies haven’t done more about electric cars? After all, hybrid drivers have been buying them for some time and the market is set to grow. Why wouldn’t insurance promote EVs and give great prices?

AAA’s Smart EV Fleet. You might not know this but AAA in California has one of the largest electric car, EV fleets with 20 Smart EVs. I set out to go online and find what AAA, as well as State Farms and Geico have to offer in terms of electric car insurance. AAA accompanied me through the inevitable 4 pages of delivering my personal information before I found they didn’t list the Leaf as an EV. The i MiEV wasn’t there for Mitsubishi and Tesla weren’t even listed. Ford’s electric Focus wasn’t listed yet, granted it is only coming out now. As far as State Farm, after 3 pages, I was surprised to see the Fisker Karma, the Tesla Roadster might not be available any longer but the Model S was, as well as the Nissan Leaf. No Mitsubishi i MiEV. Unfortunately the page is Java based and didn’t work on my Firefox and MacBook Air. Finally Geico, after reading I was less then 15 minutes away from a quote, led me through 3 pages showed me the Nissan Leaf. It would have taken at least another 2 pages before finding the rest of the information. It didn’t list Tesla, nor Fisker, nor even the Mitsubishi i MiEV.


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