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USA: Electric Car Days set for Groton, Norwich

he public will have a chance to learn about electric cars and locations of battery charging equipment during events around the state Friday and Saturday.

Locally, events will take place Friday in Groton and Saturday in Norwich.
“Electric cars are not a perfect fit for everyone, but they can be a very beneficial alternative for the environment and fuel-saving reasons,” said Donna Powell, communications consultant for Northeast Utilities, one of the members of the Regional Vehicle Initiative sponsoring the event.

The Groton event, sponsored by Pfizer Inc. and Groton Utilities, is for Pfizer employees only. It will showcase three electric car charging stations the company has installed, and models of electric cars and charging equipment from local dealers will be on display, Powell said.
Norwich events will be held in conjunction with the city’s River Fest celebration. Earlier this month, Norwich Utilities opened the region’s first publicly accessible electric-vehicle charging stations. Members of the public can use the charging stations by opening an account and obtaining a card for access and billing.

Powell said the number of electric cars in the state is “in the hundreds” but is expected to grow “into the thousands” over the next year as more models of cars become available and more charging stations are installed. Typically, she said, electric-vehicle owners mainly charge their cars at home but use remote charging stations to supplement. Electric car models available include the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf.


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