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USA: Control Module Inc. EVSE Installs Portable Valet Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Executive Valet Parking

ENFIELD, CT – May 4, 2011 – Enfield, Connecticut-based Control Module Inc.’s (CMI) EVSE division today announced it has installed Portable Valet charging stations at Executive Valet Parking in Suffield, CT. Executive Valet Parking has purchased 2 portable electric vehicle (EV) charger units and has installed 3 mounting pole systems at its facility on Route 75 near Bradley International Airport. The installation is part of the company’s expansion and move to a new location, just down the road from its previous facility, where it now offers approximately 1,200 parking spaces. Currently, six spaces are dedicated to EV charging, though the Company has installed wiring capabilities for 16 charging units and expects to expand its EV charging capabilities in the future, with many more spaces available to be equipped with pole mounts.

“EVSE’s Valet charger is unique in the industry – it’s really the only product I found that specifically addresses the needs of the valet parking industry,” said Christine Roy, General Manager of Executive Valet Parking. “The portability of the Valet chargers makes sense for our operations. They’re easy to use, easy to move, and since most cars are parked here for a day or longer, we can offer EV charging at multiple spaces while only purchasing two chargers, which has lowered our initial investment.”

The Portable Valet charger offers valet parking operations a flexible and economical solution for electric vehicle charging. Instead of purchasing and installing a charger for each parking space or bay, operators may purchase a single charger and multiple mounts, and move the charger as needed to pre-wired outlets. When vehicle charging is complete, the Valet charger can be moved to the next space, eliminating the need to move a vehicle, reducing costs and simplifying day-to-day operations. The portable charger is about the size of a briefcase and weighs about 15 lbs. The unit is available with wall or pedestal/pole mounting options for interior or exterior charging spaces.

“The Portable Valet charger enables parking operators to offer this value-added service while dramatically reducing the up-front costs,” said James S. Bianco, CEO of Control Module, Inc. “EVSE’s products offer innovative ways to make electric vehicle charging accessible, and electric vehicle ownership even more cost-effective, while making it easier for builders and facilities owners to meet new state and federal regulations. We believe this product will really open the door for facilities that have been wanting to add EV charging, but have been concerned about operational impacts and total cost.”

“The first day we opened at our new location we had an electric vehicle here – a Nissan Leaf. We really consider this service to be something that will be a necessity for parking operations, and I think it’s just the environmentally responsible thing to do,” added Roy. “We also like the idea of being able to add more chargers as our needs grow.”

The Portable Valet charger offers additional benefits for car dealer service departments and for “stack parking” facilities, which are often found in metropolitan locations, where moving the charger is simpler, safer and more efficient than moving vehicles. “In places like New York City, where space is at a premium and 70% of parking facilities offer valet service, we’ve had a great response,” said Dan Shanahan, EVSE’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Because their operations are very crowded, it makes more sense to move the charger than to move a car. Parking facilities and customers understand that each time a car is moved the risk of damage increases. The Portable Valet eliminates this risk.”

About Control Module Inc.
Founded in 1969, and headquartered in Enfield, Connecticut, Control Module Inc. has developed innovative products that are used worldwide for automated data collection and workforce management, fleet management, vehicle electrification, and electric vehicle supply. Along with its founder, the Company holds more than 100 patents, and is a recognized industry leader and innovator. CMI EVSE’s introduction of unique, patented overhead cable management and flexible charger activation methods ensure enhanced safety as well as and adaptability in diverse operating environments. Products include: Curbside Pedestal, Marquee, Overhead, Wall Mount, and Industrial charging solutions; inspection and testing safety devices for electricians and installers; power sharing devices and payment and communication solutions. The Company developed the first portable time and attendance terminal, the first terminal using barcode technology, the first terminal using secure media technology, the first biometrics terminal and the first Java-programmable data terminal. Control Module also pioneered the development of products now considered industry standards in the fields of time and data management and biometrics. CMI is a member of the National Parking Association, International Parking Institute, Green Parking Council, US Clean Cities Coalition and the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE). Additional information is available at



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