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USA: Concerns over high fees to charge electric cars at fast charge stations are validated

A video report by shows a couple electric car fast charging scenarios, and how the fees currently charged could negate the lower “fuel cost” advantage of electric cars.

Commercial electric vehicle fast charging stations are beginning to be available in the Chicagoland and SF Bay areas, and as predicted earlier the users like the convenience but are not happy with the fees to access the charging stations.

The existing stations in the field are owned by 350Green, and require having a “CharJit” card to use the stations. CharJit cards are available from 350Green and cost $21 for 3 charging stations, or $7 per charging session. Each charging session gives 30 minutes of access to a charging station. The company is installing networks in the Chicago area, and the SF Bay Area.

The eVgo network in California has not yet been built, but we do know a few things about the fees. In Texas, eVgo charges three levels of monthly fee two of which include access to the eVgo Freedom Stations, for approximately $30/month premium. In California, the agreement with eVgo requires credit-card based access for anybody for those who do not have an eVgo membership, at a cost between $7 and $15 per charging session.

Current laws and electricity regulations prevent a company like 350Green or eVgo from reselling electricity. This means charging station fees are not based on the kilowatt-hours consumed while charging the car. This is unlike the cost of gasoline at the pump, where gasoline station owners buy gasoline at wholesale prices, sells it at a retail price, and pockets the difference. Instead the fee to use a charging station is based on the length of time the car is plugged in.


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