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USA: Coda Electric Sedan Zooms Into California

Big Idea: The new, all-electric car company is offering potential owners (in California only) to design and reserve their own electric vehicle for only $99.

Why It’s Working: Focused on reducing vehicle emissions while also providing a wallet-friendly and eco-friendly option for consumers, Coda aims to make a major splash in the consumer electric vehicle industry — and the automotive industry at large.

Ladies and gentlemen, charge your engines. Consumer car industry newcomer Coda Automotive is making electric car ownership much more affordable.

Priced at $37,000 (not including federal incentives), the four-seat Coda sedan contains a lithium-ion battery and an active thermal management system that ensures the battery’s temperatures are regulated inside the vehicle for maximum use. Alloy wheels and an eco-friendly interior come standard in the vehicle, but you can also upgrade to leather seating and a premium audio system. You can also chose the color of your Coda, which comes in white, black, gray, silver, dark blue or red.

According to the company, the Coda sedan can travel 125 miles on one full charge of its 31kWh battery pack. The EPA has a more conservative (but still impressive) estimate of 88 miles on one full charge. Anecdotal evidence has also shown that the car can travel even further on a single charge, depending on how fast the driver is going and the nature of the roadway. However, there’s an extra cost of installing a proper charging station, which is not included in the vehicle price.

“What sets Coda apart is that we’re a 100% all-electric company dedicated to developing cost-effective and efficient EVs and energy storage systems,” says Thomas Hausch, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Coda. “Since day one, we’ve focused on developing a safe, affordable battery system to support the deployment of EVs and renewable energy globally.”


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