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USA: Boise man shows off passion for electric cars by building his own

BOISE — A 50-year-old Austin-Healey Sprite was headed straight for the junkyard. Mark Hayes of Boise had other plans for the rusted-out car.
“I decided I wanted to combine two of my big interests growing up,” said Hayes. “And one was classic old cars and the other was electric cars.”
Hayes first got interested in electric cars during the 1970s gas crisis. This isn’t just a way of saving gas, it’s his passion. He works on it whenever he has a few spare hours.

“I tried to design the stripes so it looked like my mustache,” Hayes said of the car’s paint job. “They say that pet owners take after their pets. Well, I wanted to have my car take after me.”

He’s happy to share his passion with other people who stop him to get a better look at the car.
“I love people learning that electric is an option,” he said.
He’s especially happy when the price at the pump goes up.
“It’s nice to go by the gas stations and just wave and go on by and smile,” Hayes said.

The paint job isn’t the only reason he calls the car ‘Little Go Green.’

“I’ve been driving (it) about three and a half years and put about 20,000 miles on it with no gas.”


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