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USA: Aptera is back, with resurrection of the three wheel electric vehicle planned by Zaptera

Last winter Aptera died suddenly dashing hopes that the company’s iconic three wheel electric car/motorcycle would ever be sold, those hopes are being reawakened by a new company, Zaptera, that plans to go straight to production with sales commencing in early 2013.

A few years ago Aptera was one of the darling companies in the EV Revolution. A three wheeled vehicle that looked more like a wingless airplane than a car, the Aptera had a loyal rabid fan-base who lined up with deposits and waited for their amazing looking electric vehicle to be designed and built. Unfortunately the years turned to anger and betrayal, and eventually Aptera folded. News is circulating of a rebirth of Aptera at the hands of a new company, Zaptera. That company has partnered with the Zhejang Jonway Group for manufacturing, with final assembly to occur in the U.S., and sales to begin in early 2013.

Aptera was a startup company based in San Diego. The company had developed an intriguing three wheeled electric “car” (technically, it’s a motorcycle because it has 3 wheels) with fantastic aerodynamics for amazing efficiency. Big claims were made about a long driving range and high miles-per-gallon-equivalent fuel efficiency. The other core feature of the Aptera was the use of modern composite materials, both for light weight and strength. A large fan base developed around the company, eagerly waiting for the start of production. However it took way too long for the company to develop the Aptera into a production vehicle, the rabid fan base turned angry, and last winter the company abruptly died.

Zaptera is a brand new company which has bought up all rights to Aptera, from tooling and equipment, to designs, and patents. The company intends to get into the electric vehicle business, beginning with rebirthing the vehicle previously known as the Aptera SO-1. The Zaptera was discovered at the Beijing Auto Show, in the Jonway booth, a fact which seems to have gone unnoticed until today. Additionally the Zhejiang Jonway website shows a few pictures of the vehicle on the show floor, surrounded by booth babes. Manufacturing of car bodies will be handled by the Chinese automaker, Zhejiang Jonway Group, and if all goes according to plan the company expects to have 2000 Zaptera’s for sale in early 2013.


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