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USA: ABB to bring Terra 51 electric car fast charging station to US market and support SAE Fast Charging

Power supply and distribution services giant ABB, manufacturer of the popular Terra 51 CHADEMO compatible DC Fast Charging station for electric cars, is bringing it to the U.S. market in the second half of 2012.

International power and automation technology giant, ABB, announced this week, at the EVS26 electric car symposium, that the company was bringing its Terra 51 DC Fast Charging station to the U.S. The Terra 51 is an intelligent DC fast charger that uses the CHADEMO charging protocol, that is the fast charging method used on the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

DC Fast Charging enables compatible cars to be recharged to 80% within 30 minutes, making charging much more convenient and giving more travel flexibility to owners of electric cars. By comparison level 2 charging with electric cars takes anywhere between 3 to 8 hours for a full charge depending on the charge rate of the on-board charger. Level 2 charging supplies an AC current to the vehicle, at either 3.3 or 6.6 kilowatts depending on the electric car, and requires a normal 240 volt power connection. The Terra 51 Fast Charge station handles charge rates up to 50 kilowatts, and requires a 480 volt three phase AC power connection.

The Terra 51 initially went on sale in Europe in 2010, as the first commercially available DC Fast Charge station in Europe. According to ABB the Terra 51 is already established as the leading DC Fast Charger in terms of install base, reliability and functionality. Last fall ABB was selected to build the first CHADEMO fast charge network to cover an entire country, with over 200 stations covering all of Estonia. The network encompasses every major road in Estonia, which will have a DC Fast Charge station every 50 kilometers, and additionally over 500 level 2 chargers will be installed at Estonia government offices.


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