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USA: AAA to help AZ members recharge electric vehicles

Perhaps relieving a little “range anxiety,” AAA is adding electric-car charging to its roadside-rescue offerings in Arizona.

Following a pilot program elsewhere last year, AAA Arizona has begun rolling out new services for members with electric cars, including a mobile charging service starting locally next month, new charging stations at AAA offices, and charger location services including a smartphone app as part of its TripTik travel planner.

AAA Arizona has added charging capabilities to its light-service rescue fleet in Phoenix and plans to start offering the service in Tucson by around June 1, AAA spokeswoman Michelle Donati said.

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Trucks will be equipped to offer Level 2 charging free to AAA members. They will provide about 20 minutes of charge time, enough juice to travel about 10 miles to a public charging station.

AAA also has installed two Level 2 chargers at its Tucson office at 6950 N. Oracle Road and at six locations in the Phoenix area.

AAA says it has moved forward cautiously with electric-car offerings because of the relatively few electric cars on the road.

New figures based on state vehicle-registration data show there were 2,140 electric vehicles registered in Pima County as of mid-2011, said Colleen Crowninshield, Clean Cities program manager with the Pima Association of Governments.


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