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USA: 2012 Focus Electric the Ford of the future with Microsoft app

Ford and Microsoft are appearing at this week’s Future in Review Conference to showcase how the 2012 Focus Electric can help address future global transportation challenges with the MyFord Mobile app.

For example, owners will be able charge the Focus Electric twice as quickly as a Nissan Leaf thanks to a higher-capacity onboard charger. MyFord Mobile users gain the ability to monitor charging, get timely alerts, find charging stations, logistically plan trips and even more using their smartphones or notebooks, making the shift to an electric vehicle lifestyle seamless.

The 2012 Focus Electric is among America’s most fuel-efficient five-passenger vehicles with an EPA define equvialent 110-mpg while delivering more power, passenger room and standard features than can be currently found on a Nissan Leaf.

Marking the arrival of the first 2012 Focus Electric models at dealerships, Ford and Microsoft executives are pointing out the car’s smartphone and recharging technologies as the type of innovation needed to address the challenges of transportation in a world of shrinking resources, congestion and over-dependency on oil.

The Future in Review Conference is a forum is a discussion of even larger issues such as global gridlock – an obvious result of unchecked population and vehicle ownership growth.

“Ford and Microsoft continue to demonstrate the importance of marrying automobiles with creative technologies such as the features built into SYNC and MyFord Mobile that help people stay connected to their digital lives,” says Sheryl Connelly, Ford Global Trends manager. “These innovations will be even more important in a future where urbanization and growing vehicle ownership could literally grind major cities to a halt around the world.”

Together, Ford and Microsoft released the first generation of SYNC in 2007 in an attempt to create a better car experience through the Ford SYNC software. The program has been a hit since the initial version launched and now more than 4 million Ford vehicles are on the road equipped with SYNC.


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