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UK: Toyota iQ EV test fleet coming to UK “in December”

More plug-in cars to follow from Japanese manufacturer

Toyota GB is planning to bring a small test fleet of pure-electric iQ EVs to the UK by the end of this year. Around ten of these electric city cars will arrive in December, Toyota GB Managing Director Jon Williams has confirmed to

The initial handful of cars will be deployed for internal use within the company, for test-driving by journalists and for placement with selected fleets, undergoing evaluation in a variety of roles and in different driving conditions.

This trial – similar to the work Toyota GB is currently doing with the Prius Plug-In Hybrid – is with a view to formally launching the iQ EV in the UK 12-18 months later; a larger fleet from a small initial production run (of around 1,000 vehicles) will undergo testing in mainland Europe.

The iQ will also be available in the USA, marketed via Toyota’s Scion sub-brand, though it will be distributed only to car-share schemes and fleets rather than being offered for sale to individual private customers.

Under the skin

Toyota first revealed the iQ EV at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show as the FT-EV concept car; a nearer-production prototype was then displayed at last year’s Geneva Motor Show. This featured a 47kW motor driving its front wheels, with an 11kWh, 270V lithium-ion battery.

Toyota promised a range of up to 65 miles (a more realistic 50 miles in everyday driving), a top speed of 78mph and a 0-62mph acceleration time of 14 seconds.


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