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UK: Mayor makes official debut in new eco-car

The town’s new green-thinking mayor was able to put theory into practice on Saturday as he rolled up to an official engagement in an electric vehicle for the first time.

Mayor Martin Biermann attended the launch of Down Grange’s newly revamped track in an battery powered Nissan Leaf.

Earlier this month, we reported that Mayor Biermann had opted to shun the £39,000 taxpayer funded chauffeur service over more environmentally friendly modes of transport, namely his bicycle, and the carbon-busting Nissan.

And following his fist outing in the electric car, the Chineham councillor said he hopes more people will take up his example, but admitted that the technology still has some way to go.

“It was a pleasant experience and I didn’t have to sit there feeling guilty about polluting the atmosphere,” said Mayor Biermann.

“I personally feel that there are some significant barriers and a lack of public will at the moment. I don’t think people have fully tuned into it, but then every little bit helps.

“But I am using the opportunity that I have to promote something that I think is socially responsible, and in the interests of mankind at the borough at large, because there really are so many opportunities.”


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