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Tesla opening new retail stores ahead of Model S launch

Over the next few months Tesla Motors is opening five new retail stores in the U.S., bringing the total to 22 stores world-wide.

Ahead of the June 22 launch of the Tesla Model S, the company is opening a new store in The Westchester shopping center in White Plains, New York. Later in the summer Tesla will open four more stores bringing the count to 22 total stores around the world.

Tesla describes the Tesla Stores as a reinvention of “the car-buying experience with [a] unique retail model.” Tesla stores are located in high-foot-traffic shopping areas, and could well be sitting between the Jamba Juice and Tiffany Jewelry stores at your local high end mall. The stores feature hands-on exhibits of the Model S, a multimedia “Design Studio” where prospective customers can fiddle with car options and get a price for a customized Model S (or in the future, Model X) electric car. The stores also include informational displays to educate the public about Tesla’s technology and “the benefits of driving electric.”


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